Redefining Masculinity

This page is meant for the following issues.
• The issues of sexuality, sexual identities, gender roles.
• Their positive and negative contribution towards role that, men and boys, women and girls and the other sexes play.
• How these roles can be changed to break away from patriarchal patterns, to move towards feminist or gender equity pattern.
• Understanding men’s masculinity.
• How men can be engaged much more constructively in the movement of gender equity.

With an understanding that
• Patriarchy is a cultural foundation on which our societies are based, and all, men, women and others, have to together make efforts to bring about change.
• The concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are always evolving (and not static) with due course of time in civilization’s history.
• It is necessary for human beings to express their opinions and views, share and learn, give space to each other, for all to live with peace and love.


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