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Monday, 29 February 2016 | PNS | DALTONGANJ | in Ranchi

Setting up of a forward security post at Serendag in Latehar district has come as a major thorn in flesh of the CPI Maoists. The forward security post was inaugurated by DGP Jharkhand DK Pandey only a few days back.

Sources said there was a time in Palamu police range when Maoists used to resist and foil the setting up of forward security post like the one at Chak village where in the tenure of SP Palamu Deepak Verma Maoists had imposed a 21-day long bandh for its disbanding which the police administration did not yield.

SP Latehar Anoop Birtharey speaking to The Pioneer on Sunday February 28 described the Serendag forward security post as of great strategic importance which would demolish the ‘badshahat’ of CPI Maoists in this region.

Q: How Serendag forward security post is important?

SP:  It is of high strategic value. Serendag is the citadel of Maoists. It is a tough Naxal terrain. In the whole of Jharkhand where there is the manifestation of Maoists Serendag’s name comes first.  New vistas of development will open up here.

Q: Has the local populace hailed the setting up of this forward security post at Serendag?

SP:  The local populace has hailed this like anything. Gone are the days when the locals used to keep  low following the fear of Maoists who used to be noisy whenever any post was established. Here at Serendag there is surging confidence of the locals in the security forces. With this forward security post here we will change the face of a metallic road .  There is a cell phone tower which for fear of  Maoists  was nonfunctional over the last three years. With this post this tower will function. Local populace is too elated to use their cell phones and What’sApp.

Q; Serendag is a place where people used to find themselves sandwiched between CPI Maoists and TPC ultras.

SP:  The Maoists used to thrash people calling them as ‘Spies’ of TPC. The TPC ultras used to assault the commoners branding them as supporters and sympathisers of CPI Maoists. This  post would put an end to this atrocities unleashed by both the outfits now.

Q; North and West of Latehar breathe with difficulty following the infestation of Maoists.

SP: In the North of Latehar we have Serendag and Abun the two Red soils of Maoists. In the West of Latehar we have Burha Pahar. At Burha Pahar Arvind ji and 100 other Maoists used to stretch their legs.  But with strategic setting up of forward security posts at Saryu. Koney, Burha Pahar, Mandal, Morwai, Metlong breathing space for the Maoists has shrunk . Chopa nullah post is helping us to get a bridge constructed there.


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